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    Spain exhibited traditional products decorated with beautifully-designed packaging for the sophisticated Japanese market at the Foodex fair.

    Madrid, Spain, March 12, 2013 – Spain exhibited traditional products decorated with beautifully-designed packaging for the sophisticated Japanese market at the Foodex fair.

    Foodex is the biggest and most important agrifoods fair in Asia. It is held in Tokyo (Japan), which is a very important market for Spanish products, so the Spanish delegation used the occasion to show off an enormous range of traditional foods, which it exhibited in spectacular fashion. The aim of this initiative is for exports to continue growing as they did in 2012, when they rose by 26%, earning 418 million in revenue.

    Spain was represented at the fair by more than 100 companies, driven by the stagnation in consumer demand in Spain and the EU, which has led to -greater emphasis and bigger budgets being devoted to promotion in foreign markets-, according to representatives of the various companies taking part in the fair.

    The event brought together exhibitors from 66 countries and was visited by over 75,000 company representatives, who had the chance to see the Spanish agrifood products on display at some of the largest stands at the fair and sample the country’s most traditional foods, given an innovative twist.

    Some of the items vying to excite the Japanese palate included dried mushrooms, tomatoes and kiwi fruit. Paella and croquettes were wrapped in small cardboard packages like gifts, while frozen churros gave the flavour of a true Spanish breakfast. Another high point was the creative cuisine offered by Masdeu, from Catalonia, whose cone-shaped pastry bases and salmon mousse and chocolate pastries did not go unnoticed.

    The list of products most frequently exported to Japan is headed by frozen meat products, which bring in 92 million, followed by olive oil (60 million), fresh fish (48 million) and wines with designation of origin (30 million), according to ICEX figures.

    Press Contact: Marca Espana Media Relations Marca Espana Serrano Galvache, 26 28033 Madrid, Espana. 512-212-1139

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