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Camara de video adulte

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Its a great choice for live recording and for capturing sound effects in the field."url" : shop/ofertas/novidades "level" : 3, "type" : "brandGroup "animalType" : null, "categoryType" : null, "active" : false, "shortDescription" : "novo na zooplus!"url" : "level" : 3, "type" : "categoryGroup "animalType" : null, "categoryType" : null, "active" : false, "shortDescription" : " Eu gosto é do verão!Its 160 degree wide-angle lens and digital zoom ensure that youll always capture the complete picture.The design of the XYH-5 also allows it to handle extremely loud sounds, making it perfect for use at live rock concerts, for SFX work, and for electronic newsgathering.Explore audio features * EXH-6 TRS/XLR Combo Capsule is not compatible with the Q8.Combine that with zooms groundbreaking interchangeable mic capsule system and two XLR/TRS combo inputs for a world of options."subCategories" :, "pricelists" :, "pgId" : 254465, "title" : "Pedigree "url" : shop/top_marcas/pedigree "level" : 3, "type" : "categoryGroup "animalType" : null, "categoryType" : null, "active" : false, "shortDescription" : "Pedigree "subCategories" :, "pricelists" :, "pgId" : 172090, "title" : "Purina Pro Plan "url".Para Coleira Eyenimal Pet para Coleira Eyenimal Pet Camera conjunto Camera Play para cães e 8 cm x L 8 cm x A 8 Camera Play para cães e gatos C 8 cm x L 8 cm x A 8 de vigilância Wi Fi Petcube.They capture a fully mono-compatible stereo image, making the MSH-6 ideal for film, video, and television projects.Its high-quality 160-degree wide-angle lens and flexible mounting options mean that you can shoot high-def video anywhere you.Taking wedding bookings from July 2019.The MSH-6 MS Capsule contains dual mic elements: a forward-facing, unidirectional mic (the Mid) and a side-facing, bi-directional mic (the Side).Three elements combined with digital signal processing inside the SGH-6 give you the highly directional pickup power of a conventional shotgun mic in a unit only half the size great for recording dialogue and narration with no chat gijon gratis con chicas intrusive mic in the scene.De repente, en la parte más oscura de la habitación aparece la figura de un objeto que muchos han identificado y comparado con el rostro de una niña pequeña.Special_offers", "pgId" : 154573, "title" : "Ofertas de experimentação "url" : "key" : "IAL_offer", "pgId" : 154574, "title" : "Novos produtos "url" : "key" : "W_products", "pgId" : 119209, "title" : "Gatos "url" : shop/gato "level" : 2, "type" : "categoryGroup "animalType" : "cats "categoryType".More videos at m/bluesuedefilms, packages, package A) highlights film 10 hrs Coverage 1 x 3-4 minute Highlights film 3080 (AUD package B feature film 10 hrs Coverage 1 x 7-10 minute Feature Film (ceremony speech highlights) 3300 (AUD).Dual combo XLR/TRS inputs allow the connection of external microphones and line-level sources, and a built-in speaker and stereo Headphone/Line Out jack provide audio monitoring; theres even an hdmi output for video monitoring.
The Q8 offers a large full-color LCD touchscreen for ease of use, along with a wealth of advanced features.
The XYQ-8 capsule is specially designed for use with the.

Explore features, xYQ-8 Wide-Angle X/Y Capsule, immersive audio for incredible video.
Its ideal for location recording, allowing videographers and content creators to capture dialogue or narration with the center microphone and mixing in the desired amount of environmental sound captured by the side microphone.
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