• Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge Be the Classic

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    December 19, 2021 /  Tour and Adventure

    Nowadays, the main factor is Retro in each fashion show or industry. Most goods link with the retro nearly. We all know that classic will never stop, never out of date! Classic becomes the representative. The same to golf, golf in classic always to be the hottest products, because we step in the Vintage Era.

    I’m a golf lover, I concentrate on all golf, along with the trends of times, and classic golf is my favorite category of course. Titleist Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge is typical of the classic golf. Titleist offers a full golf equipment product line including drivers, fairways, irons, Vokey wedges, utility irons and Scotty Cameron Putters. Titleist is also an extremely strong leader in the golf ball market. Vokey Design 200 Series wedges feature a classic teardrop profile with a high toe and shallow heel. Available in pitching, gap, sand and lob wedge models from 48 to 60 degrees, the 200 Series comes in three distinct finishes and a broad range of loft, sole and bounce configurations. New Vokey 200 Series Tour Chrome wedges provide a classic chrome finish with a Tour-preferred, reduced glare satin appearance raw finish.

    For chipping and pitching when around or near the green, this wedge really does have every quality that you’d want. There’s such versatility and as Titleist intended with this club, it was effective from practically any lie.Wet bunkers, heavy rough, bone dry tight lies, cheap golf club sets this wedge can do the business from any of them, and still give you a great amount of feel and control. Be it a high flop shot or a low pitch that is required. However as it’s a wedge, and the fact that you’ll never be too far from the green when playing it, a poor strike isn’t as damaging as in the case of a bigger club.

    Titleist Vokey Tour Chorme Wedge Product Description:
    Cast from soft 8620 carbon steel providing the ultimate in feel
    The 8620 steel is specially heat treated to restore the carbon content in the surface, ensuring great feedback and soft, solid feel
    Tour Chrome wedges provide a classic chrome finish with a Tour-preferred, reduced glare satin appearance
    Sole and bounce configurations provide playability options for preferred shot type, swing type and course conditions
    U” grooves for maximum spin control
    To ensure precise shape and tolerances, Vokey wedges are cast for superior process consistency
    Each head is borne from a precise master and mold

    Titleist Vokey Tour Chorme Wedge on behalf of classic, I support classic. A special circular saw style cutting tool is used to create precise grooves with maximum allowable draft angles and edge radii for more consistent performance.

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