• How To Cook Kaldereta Recipe- Filipino Stew Recipe

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    May 4, 2021 /  Chef and Recipes

    Kaldereta is a well known recipe in the Philippines especially in Tagalog region. It is usually cook with beef but aside from beef it can be also cook using duck, goat, and poultry meat. It is usually has a sauce base on tomato and thickened with tomato but other cook kaldereta with coconut cream for extra flavor. Kapampangan (People residing at Pampanga province) are known for cooking the best Kaldereta recipe. Kaldereta originally was a Spanish recipe and adapted it with Filipino taste, it is a product of their 300 year of occupation in the Philippines, and aside from their influences on Filipino cuisine they also influenced us by making Philippines as the only Catholic country in Asia. Kaldereta is a favorite Filipino meal during special occasion, it can be eaten as a viand for rice and also for pulutan (appetizer eaten while drinking alcohol). Here is my method of cooking for this awesome Filipino stew recipe.

    Ingredient For Cooking:

    1 whole duck, clean ( 2kg)
    1 medium size of Tomato sauce
    2-3 tbsp minced garlic
    1 whole onion sliced
    50 gram ginger
    cup grated cheddar cheese
    1 can of liver Reno spread
    1 can of Phillips Vienna sausage
    4 pcs potato, peeled and quarter
    Red bell pepper
    Cooking oil
    2-3 cups coconut cream
    1-2 carrots, peeled and cut into serving pieces
    1-2 pcs Siling labuyo, slice (optional)
    Fish sauce (patis)
    Ground peppercorn

    Direction For Cooking;

    In a casserole, bring to boil Duck in a liter of water with ginger, simmer for 5 minute then drain and set aside. In a pan with cooking oil sautee garlic, onion and add Duck meat. Add Fish sauce and simmer for 5-10 minute, add 2-3 glass of water, boil and simmer for 20-40 minute until duck meat tenders, add water if needed ( 1 glass), when meat tenderize include potato, carrots. Add Tomato sauce, ground peppercorn, salt to taste, Vienna sausage and cheese. Taste and add salt if needed, include vetsin and add 2 cups of coconut cream and siling labuyo (Spicy chili) if you prefer your recipe to be hot. Add coconut cream , bring to boil until sauce thickens. Lastly add Reno liver spread to thickened sauce and add flavor. The process is same with goat meat, while for beef it is needed to tenderize the beef first before sauting and lastly for chicken the meat is directly sauted. Served this delicious Filipino recipe with hot steamy rice.

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